Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 3 by Adalaya

Today we went to the John E Amos Power Plant. We watched a cheesy video about the plant, and how “good” it is for the environment. After the video we got a tour. First we went in one of smoke stacks and learned about how it was made.

Next we went to see the big pile of coal – 60 days worth.

Then we saw the water cooling towers. The shape of tower makes a very good wind tunnel and the wind cools the water so that it can be recycled.

Last but not least we went to the power generation building. On the first floor are the pulverizers, which are the machines that crush the coal. On the 6th floor were the turbines that the steam spins to create electricity. The 18th floor was really hot because that is where the furnaces are.

After the tour Anna asked our guide what he thought about mountain top removal. He said he did not like the look of them but once they were “reclaimed” but he thought they made great golf courses, basically saying that he thought a flat grassy area is better than the second most diverse area in the world, after the Amazon. Tonight we are staying at Anna house.


  1. Great question, Anna. I think too many people prefer golf courses and power on-demand without ever questioning the devastation to the natural world and diversity.

    Hope you guys are having a great time! I love reading about your trip!


  2. That was informative!
    The air looks so grey and heavy. I wonder if that's from weather conditions or the plant's emissions, and how did it made you all feel.
    I'm glad you'll be on to new pastures.
    Buon Viaggio, y'all!