Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 4 by Ariel

Did you know you could die in a poop lagoon? You probably did, but you can’t realize just how terrible it would be unless you have actually smelled one in person. A poop lagoon is a pond full of millions of gallons of toxic fecal foulness. We saw one today at Milco dairy, a milk farm about 45 minutes away from Anna’s house. It was a small scale CAFO and it smelled absolutely terrible.

First we went into the milking station we saw one cow with a blind eye bulging out of its head. These cows live in their own waste but this CAFO isn’t nearly as awful as the giant corporation CAFOs .

Then we walked through the pens where all the cows were kept. It smelled beautiful. So beautiful in fact that after we got home we stunk up the whole house with the sweet scent of milk CAFO. Most of us took a shower and Anna spent three showers trying to get the smell off.

We did some work projects, hooray. We also talked to lots of strangers. One of the strangers was a grain farmer. He came and talked to us about how much farming has changed since he has lived in Indiana….a very very long time. The other strangers were neighbors of a hog CAFO and talked to us about their life since the hog CAFO was built right next to them.
We have been saving the last week and a half of the trip to start learning about all the not as depressing stuff about the world. I am definitely exited to do the happy part of the trip. So I wish all you parents world peace, we promise not to kill your children, and happy poop lagoons to you all.


  1. Hey ariel! I'm in Louisville. Call me if you think you'll have some time to hang out when you all get here on sunday!!!!! Love, Claui

  2. Sounds lovely. I hope you all are having a blast and I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. "A poop lagoon is a pond full of millions of gallons of toxic fecal foulness." --- nice alliteration going on . . . all kinds. BTW, I have some info about SILSA & Asheville High for you when you get back.