Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 11 by Adalaya

This morning we went to White Oak Pastures, which is a sustainable farm in southern Georgia. They raise cows, sheep, chickens (for meat and eggs), turkeys, and vegetables. The Harris family has been running this farm for 5 generations. Unlike many factories that slaughter 500,000 chickens per day and 6000 cows a day, White Oak only kills 500 chickens and 30 cows a day. The reason for that is White Oak uses the most humane practices they can. They graze their 700 cows over 1000 acres of pasture and use Temple Grandin’s methods for slaughtering their animals. You can buy their meat online or at Whole Foods stores.

After lunch we helped plant trees in the campground for an hour.

When we finished we had fun running up the 81 stairs to get to the top of the mound as fast as we could. For dinner we made delicious burgers that we got from White Oak Pastures.

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