Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 12 by Ariel

The AMS buses have so much character. We all know before every trip something will go wrong with one of them and right as you are about to leave and waving goodbye to everyone….the bus will mutter a pathetic whirring similar to a vacuum that sucked up a baby. We on the other hand rolled out according to plan but our bus planned something a little different for us. After we had broken down camp, packed up everything and gotten our sweet little bum ruckuses all on the bus, we heard the unpromising whir of you’re not going anywhere. A few of us started trickling out having doubts we would even get to go to Savannah, and some of us stayed on the bus hoping that our crossed fingers, arms, legs, and feet would miraculously make us move.
We decided that turning it on and keeping it on would do the trick. Just as we were about to give up yet again the gods were in our favor and the sucked up baby pathetically whirred no longer. We piled back in and were left in the awkward position of telling the ranger we didn’t need help anymore; which had been fetched for us half an hour earlier. Anyway, an adventure it was and we arrived in Savannah all of us content because of our five hour nap. Tybee Island tomorrow. And here is some more parent reassurance… We won’t gash our feet with shells, we won’t fall off the lighthouse, we won’t get eaten by sharks, and we PROMISE to where sunscreen.

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