Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 9 by Paolo

We started the day leaving Sharon and Tom’s house and we drove to Oxmoor farm. They grow a diverse variety of vegetables on 8 acres. It works with the Food Literacy Project which shows people where their food comes from. Both of the groups think it’s important to feed people healthy food and not fast food which is what most people in the city of Louisville eat at least twice a day, sometimes even three times a day! Ivor runs the farm and he also is a co-founder of Grasshopper’s distribution center. The food literacy project brings people out to the farm and runs a year-round program for people to come and plant crops and while the crops are growing they work on the farm. When the crops are ready they harvest and cook them so the people can learn how to cook/prepare vegetables. On the farm they have three rules: 1. Get dirty. 2. Show respect for something. 3. Try something new.

Then we ate lunch and went to Heine Bros Coffee. The reason we went there is because they compost their coffee grounds. Then we drove to Nashville and I played halo ‘cause that’s what AMS is all about.

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