Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day 16 by Anjali

Today we all woke up before the sun and packed up our stuff and ate all before 8am. Then we headed down to Carolina Friends School (CFS) to meet Tommy Johnson and his class. We arrived where we were introduced to the entire school. We talked about AMS then presented our power point presentation which was all about our field trip. We finished with about 15 minutes left of “class” so we headed out to the garden and pulled up weeds and talked with the students of CFS.

During break/snack time we got to tour some of the CFS campus. Then we went back and talked about the same thing to another group of middle schoolers. At first we were asked what were some of things we like about AMS, so we said some things like chores, work projects, boarding house life. Then we did our presentation. Another 15 minutes left, more weeding and throwing worms at teenage girls (or at least watching CFS boys throwing worms at grossed out teen girls). After we said “farvel” (goodbye in Dainish) to our new friends and got on the road. We went grocery shopping and then stopped to eat lunch in a lovely rest area where we made a classy belt for Poalo out of a orange bag!. Then we drove a while blasting Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and we eventually arrived at the driveway of a Amish couple. Across the street lived a bunch of unhappy CAFO chickens that belonged to Tyson. We got out stretching our legs and then jumped into WORK PROJECTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! We planted 6 rows of potatoes, 3 ½ rows of Yukon Gold and 2 ½ of Red Pontiac and then working to haul wood from one pile to another.

Then we ate delicious snack of popcorn and tea. After that more work projects which consisted of shelling corn using a corn sheller! SO MUCH FUN who knew a bunch of children could have such an amazing time doing work!!!

All done working, now chill ‘til dinner! Dinner was mashed potatoes, turkey, meatloaf, veggies, and breads of different sorts. Chores, then card games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well sleep tight

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