Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 7 by Anna

This morning we got up at eight and had bagels and eggs that had celery in them. Then we packed up all our stuff before nine when quakers started arriving to sing songs. After they were done singing some students went to an hour long silent meeting and others went to the youth group. Then we had a potluck lunch which, surprisingly, had neither lentils or tofu. After Anna was done talking to quakers from her childhood and all the dishes were clean we all loaded on to the bus. We drove through Berea where Anna pointed out points of interest such as the garage floor she fell through and the fish pond she ran away to. After two hours in the bus we reached Tom and Sharon Ash's house where we will be sleeping tonight and tomorrow. We thoroughly explored the giant house complete with at least five bathrooms (there could be more...who knows), a pool table, a poker table, a bar, two hot water heaters, and a theater room complete with reclining seats and a framed Pirates of the Caribbean poster. Despite the luxury there is a weird and stark contrast between this house and the ones at Egrets Cove. While they were simplistic and earth friendly this one is fancy and big. However even with this feeling we will be watching a movie in the theater playing pool and taking long showers in the many bathrooms.

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  1. You all deserve a little luxury in your travels, right? It will be awesome.