Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 6 by Tristan

Driving. Lots and lots of driving. 5 hours to be exact. We began our descent into the not so depressing portion of the trip. We went to Berea, Kentucky, where we met the director of a nonprofit organization called Leaf for Life. It’s an organization that deals with malnutrition; they grind up leaves and put it on the food because the leaves they use have more Iron and Vitamin A.

Some other things we did when we got there is we took a tour of the houses in the intentional community Egrets’ Cove. They were nice cozy houses. The people who lived in each house built them themselves in simple sustainable way. After we took the tour and learned about Leaf for Life, we made spaghetti with different leaf material for added nutrition. We got all kinds of different colors and flattened them. Then we put them in a hand machine that you crank to cut them into spaghetti. We also made our own art out of the spaghetti. It was like edible playdough.

We played a lot of basketball which was fun, we got beat by a 60 year old! Then we ate. We had Alfredo sauce pasta and tomato pasta. Afterwards we went to the Quaker meeting house. There we played a little on the playground. Then we went to bed. That’s about all. Peace and Love to everyone. See ya in 13 days!


  1. Sounds really great. Great stuff. Especially that you got beat by a 60 year old. Go 60 year olds! (From Tristan's grandpa -- 60 yrs old)

    1. It does sound great! What a great time! Can't wait to see you for your short stop in Nashville! I rented Hugo! (Tristan's mom)